patient speaking to provider on telehealth on a mobile device

While many people prefer living in rural areas, these locales can sometimes leave a lot to be desired when it comes to healthcare access. Thankfully, healow TeleVisits™ is designed to enable providers to effectively serve patients wherever they are through any internet-connected device. This platform is easy to use and HIPAA-compliant and works regardless of which EHR the provider is using. This allows primary and specialty care providers to conduct checkups and follow-up appointments irrespective of the patients’ proximity to their physical offices, greatly improving access to care in remote and rural areas.

How healow TeleVisits Can Extend the Reach of Healthcare Providers

With healow TeleVisits, it is easy for patients to receive the care they need regardless of their latitude and longitude. In one instance, a physician using TeleVisits was able to diagnose a regular patient who was teaching abroad with COVID-19, prompting her to seek necessary treatment. In another, an organization was able to serve patients on other continents smoothly.

“This has really expanded the referral source,” says Dr. Imran S. Khawaja of MD TruCare, a Texas-based provider of psychiatry, endocrinology, and sleep medicine. “For example, some of my colleagues who are two hours away, they are able to refer me patients whom I can see on telemedicine rather than having them drive all the way, so our coverage area has increased a lot.”

How healow TeleVisits Can Save Lives

Dr. Amar Shah, owner, and physician at Vital Care Family Practice in Mesquite, TX, once saw a new patient through healow TeleVisits. The patient was complaining of unpleasant digestive issues, and the staff used the platform to set him up with a remote appointment. When Dr. Shah asked about his symptoms, the patient was able to demonstrate them via webcam. Dr. Shah told him that he was bleeding internally and needed to go to a hospital immediately. This TeleVisit saved the patient’s life.

“I think that TeleVisits have transformed the way I practice medicine,” said Dr. Shah. “I had some fear about moving forward with TeleVisits before the COVID-19 pandemic, but now I realize that it serves a huge purpose, and it breaks down barriers of care for patients who have transportation issues, childcare issues, and work duties that prevent them from coming in for an office visit.”

How healow TeleVisits Can Impact a Provider’s Bottom Line

While medical providers exist to prevent and treat illnesses and improve their patients’ quality of life, they must make ends meet to do this. Fortunately, healow TeleVisits delivers significant economic benefits. By expanding the range of care, providers can effectively serve larger populations while reducing the financial burden of hosting patients at their physical offices.

By integrating, providers can use it to create high-quality clinical documentation that can be seamlessly integrated into their patient’s Progress Notes. is an AI medical scribe that uses voice recognition technology to convert natural conversations between healthcare providers and providers into clinical documentation during in person and remote visits. This allows the provider to spend less time worrying about recording each detail of an appointment and more time addressing the patient’s needs.

“I can still provide the highest level of quality of care to my patients not only by prescribing medications and treating disease, but by saving lives,” said Dr. Shah. “I’d tell providers and offices, anyone who’s still trying to stay in business right now, that you look at telemedicine as not an adjunct to your care but as a part of your care.”

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