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Before patients see a healthcare provider, they typically need to check-in for their appointment and complete consent and medical history forms. However, the old ways of manually filling out paper forms and returning them in person, by email, or by fax can be tedious. That’s why healow developed cutting-edge solutions for a more convenient and efficient check-in process.

Kiosk and healow CHECK-IN Deliver Remarkable Results

HOPE Family Health is a 20-provider federally qualified health center (FQHC) in Tennessee, offering radiology, counseling, dental, online therapy, and psychiatric services to patients of all insurance and income statuses. The practice’s administrators report that switching from paper intake forms to using Kiosk has halved the amount of time patients spend checking in for their appointments. While patients would typically take about thirty minutes to fill out their physical paperwork, they can now complete intake forms through Kiosk in about fifteen.

“We initiated the Kiosk project in December 2022 to streamline paperwork for patients and to save time,” says Shawna Farley, LPN, Clinical Data Analyst. “Before implementing Kiosk and healow CHECK-IN, 14 pages of paperwork were required for medical services and additional pages for behavioral health. The check-in solutions were deployed to streamline the paperwork process for both medical and behavioral health departments. Initially, these solutions reduced the time per patient from 30 minutes to around 15 minutes. The record time achieved was around 7 or 8 minutes, which is a huge success.”

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Kiosk and healow CHECK-IN help modernize practices with features like:

  • Patients can register and update their demographic information.
  • Patients can sign consent forms electronically, which are stored with a time stamp; no scanning is needed.
  • Customizable electronic forms and questionnaires with easy data import into Progress and SOAP notes.
  • Patients can pay copayments with debit or credit cards.

Patients can scan their driver’s license and any insurance cards.

How Does healow Sign Work?

healow Sign enables practices to create digital forms that patients can fill out and sign within the healow App. This eliminates the need for patients to print, scan, fax, or email signed forms. It’s also easier for providers to add these documents to patient records.

healow Sign’s incredible features include:

  • Notify patients via text message or email to complete a verification check that allows them to view, edit, fill out, and submit a consent form electronically.
  • Providers can also use the activity panel to view all the healow Sign forms patients have received, completed, and returned.
  • A response queue that visualizes all the healow Signs forms their patients have submitted and their status.
  • Analytic services include monthly comparisons of the number of surveys opened and completed and an overview of users by age and gender.
  • Security features send patients a one-time password that gives them access to their documents after verifying their date of birth and phone number.

A healow Sign Success Story

Be Well Primary Care specializes in internal medicine and preventative care services in Fort Worth, TX. The practice provides comprehensive primary care with the earliest possible prevention and detection of diseases to improve the quality of life of its patients. The practice sought an easier way for patients to check in for their appointments. They decided to give healow Sign a try.

Today, the practice reports that more than 95% of its patients use healow Sign to check in. This is creating a streamlined workflow and an enhanced user experience.

“healow Sign has significantly benefited us. We’re not getting as many documents anymore; we’re doing mostly everything electronically,” says Miriam Reyes, head of special projects at Be Well Primary Care Medicine. “I would say less than 5% of patients do not fill out the forms in advance, usually older patients who need assistance with technology. healow Sign has helped add new family members or case managers to HIPAA forms without needing patients to come into the office. We improved consent forms using healow Sign, reducing the need for paper and scanning.”

By handling their documents electronically, the office has freed up time for staff to focus on patient care.

Making the Switch

The support team at healow is eager to help interested practices implement these revolutionary check-in solutions. Contact us today to learn how these platforms can help streamline your office with a smoother patient intake experience.