healow AI-powered no-show prediction model calendar with a stethoscope

How the healow AI-Powered No-Show Prediction Model is Improving Access to Care

Showing up is half the battle. This is especially true for appointments with healthcare providers. While practitioners are trained and equipped to provide the high-quality health services that patients need to stay healthy, they only work if people show up for their scheduled appointments. Each missed appointment represents lost revenue and resources and a patient who isn’t getting needed care.

The Impact of Missed Appointments

HealthCare Choices NY, Inc., a federally qualified health center in Brooklyn, NY, provides comprehensive medical, dental, and mental health care services to patients with special needs and those from high-risk populations. While the practice is dedicated to strengthening the community’s health by offering supportive services such as testing, prevention, education, and referral to care, missed appointments represent a significant challenge that hinders the organization’s ability to support its patients.

How the healow AI-powered No-Show Prediction Model Can Help

To help reduce missed appointments, maximize revenue, and optimize care, the organization turned to the healow AI-powered no-show prediction model.This program effectively identifies appointments likely to be missed with up to 90% accuracy. This allows the staff to contact patients involved to verify their appointments and stay abreast of developing scheduling situations. This brought significant benefits to the practice, including:

  • Show rates for high-risk appointments increased from 10.4% to 26.5%, representing a 155% improvement.
  • Show rates for medium-risk appointments increased from 23.07% to 34.1%, an improvement of 47.8%.
  • Allowing staff to develop workflow procedures around scheduling strategies rooted in relevant statistics.

“By implementing the healow no-show prediction AI model, we’ve seen a reduction in appointments with a high to moderate risk of no-show in the past couple of months,” said Wing Chu, director of IT at HealthCare Choices NY, Inc. “I recommend the model to any practice that wants to systematically reduce the volume of no-shows, which translates to more revenue but, more importantly, better healthcare outcomes for patients.”

How Sunoh.ai Can Enhance Healthcare Services

healow also offers Sunoh.ai, an AI medical scribe that eases the burden of medical documentation. It works by listening to conversations between patients and providers to accurately and efficiently create transcripts of those conversations. The AI-powered scribe then sorts the data into appropriate Progress Note sections, making it easy to review and transcribe relevant data for clinical documentation.

Sunoh.ai also assists with order entry by capturing details regarding labs, imaging, procedures, medication orders, and follow-up visits. It even creates summaries of clinical documentation that can be easily reviewed for accuracy, modified when needed, or merged with pre-configured defaults.

To learn more about how the healow AI-powered no-show prediction model can help your practice reduce missed appointments, schedule a demo today!