healow Meet graphic with multiple patients in one visit

healow has been offering telehealth solutions for years. However, at the onset of the pandemic, it became apparent how important remote medical services and telehealth solutions are for routine, follow-up, and check-in visits or any time a patient cannot visit the office. Additionally, practices were looking for a way to conduct video group visits for educational or counseling services.

Meet, healow Meet. Our healow Meet solution offers a fully integrated platform for booking and conducting audio and video group visits. Providers can connect online with multiple patients for any time of group visit.

Enabling Group Telehealth Appointments Through healow Meet

healow Meet allows multiple patients to join a group telehealth appointment with their provider. However, each patient can only see and hear the provider’s input, thereby protecting the privacy of other patients. On the other hand, the provider can see all of the patients at the meeting at once, allowing them to efficiently give guidance to the whole group.

Many practices employ healow Meet to facilitate behavioral health appointments, but other uses may include counseling sessions or nutrition classes. Several practices have even used healow Meet for educational sessions, such as classes for new or expecting moms. healow Meet also provides built-in documentation services that allow providers to document progress notes for multiple patients during telehealth sessions.

“We are seeing lots of different use cases for it over time,” said Morgan. “We’re looking forward to seeing how our practices continue using these types of group appointments.”

healow Meet Is Easy to Use

healow Meet and healow Televists are both accessible through an on-demand activation window. As soon as the provider activates healow Meet, the five-step wizard guides them through the settings panel to make the setup process quick and easy. Depending on the provider’s settings, patients can receive the link to their appointments through email, text message, the patient portal, or the healow app.

healow Meet and healow Televisits are both excellent ways to conduct and manage remote sessions with patients. To learn more, schedule a demo today!