Since time immemorial, healthcare providers have relied on written notes taken during their patient encounters to create the appropriate documentation. With the introduction of voice recording in the past century, they were able to tape their conversations with patients and manually extract the necessary data later. However, this process was quite time-consuming, and the necessary typing or handwriting could make it more difficult for providers to give their utmost attention to their patients.

Thankfully, the days of this old-fashioned manual documentation method are numbered. healow now offers, an EHR-agnostic, AI-powered ambient listening technology and AI medical scribe that automates and enhances clinical documentation. listens to natural conversations between providers and patients during in-office and telehealth appointments. The AI medical scribe then converts the conversation into clinical documentation and sorts it into the appropriate categories, freeing the provider to give their undivided focus to the patient’s wellness. Many important players in the healthcare industry are adopting this technology and seeing remarkable results. Offers Accessibility, Versatility, and Dependability was built from the ground up as a versatile AI scribe that seamlessly transcribes the conversations between healthcare providers and their patients into high-quality clinical documentation, thereby saving time, improving outcomes, and streamlining the whole experience. As part of the healow platform, it can be accessed from many different devices and is effective in a wide variety of healthcare settings. This program combats provider burnout, improves patient care, streamlines workflows, and simplifies the documentation process.

An AI Medical Scribe Serving Many Types of Healthcare Providers is assisting organizations of all specialties, such as general practice, dermatology, rheumatology, behavioral health, and dental care, across the nation with its powerful AI voice technology. For example, with this AI-powered medical scribe listening during a session, a dermatologist can describe a skin condition by its size, color, location, or any other factor. The documents produced are easy to edit, making modifications a breeze.

The integrated voice dictation capabilities of allow this versatile AI scribe to record and document what is said during a healthcare appointment and annotate charts in real time. This is especially great for dentists and hygienists as they chart key markers of oral health, existing conditions, and treatment progress. The AI scribe can make any dental workflow much simpler and is particularly useful if the practice is short-staffed.

AI in healthcare represents a massive step forward in making medicine more efficient, accessible, and affordable. By saving time, lowering costs, and freeing personnel from the burden of manual documentation, allows for a more effective healthcare system with a greater emphasis on patient care.

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