PRISMA for Clinical Insights

Driving quality care through data-driven decisions.

Connect Your EHR to a Searchable Network

Whether a patient has an emergency while on vacation or needs to see a specialist, filling in the missing pieces of a patient’s health history can often require hours of time reaching out to hospitals and other offices.

Despite the time spent searching for patient data, that information still may not be found in time for a patient visit.

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Just as Google revolutionized the way we answer questions through search and interact with the world, PRISMA will transform healthcare for new and existing practices – helping create a truly searchable network that lets you keep your existing EHR while gaining access to comprehensive patient records.

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searches were conducted via PRISMA just in the last year

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Driving quality care through data-driven decisions.


PRISMA, the industry’s first health information search engine, allows you and your staff to search for patient information from primary care providers, specialists, clinics, urgent care centers, and hospitals nationwide regardless of the EHR they are using.

With PRISMA, users can search the patient’s complete record by using keywords or abbreviations to locate conditions, diagnoses, treatments, medications, and more. This data can then be organized in a comprehensive and chronological timeline view.

PRISMA can save practices time, improve patient care, and potentially save lives.

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PRISMA: The Core of healow

Whether a user wants to start a televisit or retrieve a patient’s complete patient record, the comprehensive features that make up the healow platform start with PRISMA.

Truly knowing your patients is just a search away!

Customer Success With PRISMA

See how healthcare staff at Centerpoint Health used PRISMA to help underserved communities. By using PRISMA, the practice has seen an increase in colonoscopies and a lower number of diabetes-related appointments.

Find out how Carolina Heart and Leg Center used PRISMA to better organize patient data and how Zeid Medical Group used PRISMA to retrieve key information in a patient’s medical history when the patient couldn’t recall whether they had had a specific procedure.

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