healow Pay

Reaching Every Patient; An Easier Way to Pay

A Better Billing Solution

healow Pay™ makes it easy for your patients to pay their bills online. And that could mean less paperwork and faster collections for your practice.

healow Pay can be used through a healow secure text. Patients simply provide a phone number to receive statements via a secure text link. They can then easily make payments without having to log in to a portal and with no need to remember a username and password.

With healow pay, patients can choose to pay by:

  • Secure text message
  • Email
  • Clicking on a “Bill Pay” button providers can put on their website*

*Requires an interface with the Practice Management System.

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Reaching Every Patient; An Easier Way to Pay

Customer Success With healow Pay

Find out how staff at Best Start Pediatrics used healow Pay and saw a 10% increase in revenue in just one year.

Learn how Innova Primary Care used healow Pay to offer patients more convenient, contactless ways to make copayments and pay balances.

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