Revolutionizing care regardless of EHR

How We Serve Healthcare Providers

To achieve success at any job, workers need to be properly equipped with the right tools. Healthcare providers are no exception – often facing hectic schedules, staffing shortages, and burnout.

Screenshot of a Doctor and patient using healow TeleVisits™

Trying to get the right solutions to provide quality care when your EHR requires several bolt-on solutions can be frustrating, time-consuming, and costly.

We created healow so that healthcare providers will have a single platform where they can meet their Population Health Management and Patient Engagement needs regardless of which EHR they are currently using.

We provide accurate clinical data through PRISMA, our health information search engine.

We offer Patient Engagement tools like healow® Open Access® that will let patients self-schedule their own appointments and healow CHECK-IN that let patients check in from the comfort of home.

And we also offer Population Health Management solutions that can help you better achieve a value-based care model.

With healow, providers can get back to doing what they love – caring for their patients.

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