Patients on a telehealth group appointment on a computer screen surrounded by an orange and blue background

Imagine that Rose is a new mother. She’s diligent about taking her child to his doctor’s appointments, but she needs some help learning the ropes of being a parent. With healow Meet, her pediatrician hosts an online class to help new parents understand how to best protect their children’s health and well-being. healow Meet can be utilized in many cases beyond educational sessions, including behavioral health visits, counseling sessions, nutrition classes, and more.

healow was already an established player in the telehealth field, but remote medical services became even more prevalent after the pandemic hit. Practices were suddenly dealing with an influx of remote patients, and healow was ready to help them meet the demand and deliver stellar results. eCW Podcast host Brian Saal and Morgan Borenstein sat down to discuss the latest enhancements to healow TeleVisits and introduce healow Meet.

During the pandemic, many offices closed. There was a dramatic increase in the need for telehealth appointments, and the healow team began conducting daily TeleVisit webinars to help practices and providers set up virtual appointments.

More recently, several enhancements have been introduced to healow TeleVisits to help providers meet their patients’ needs. These include:

  • The five-step wizard walks providers through five quick steps to help them set up TeleVisits with remote patients.
  • Providers and their staff can now send messages to patients in the virtual waiting room in case they need to communicate before they connect for their virtual visit.
  • Patients and providers can invite up to two new contacts to join the TeleVisit. This allows people who need to be involved in the process, such as translators, therapists, or family members, to join the conversation.

healow Meet is a telehealth service that enables group telehealth appointments. Multiple patients can join a single session with their provider. While the patient will only be able to see the provider, the provider will be able to see several patients simultaneously. This allows providers to communicate a message or provide a session to multiple patients at once, which is especially useful for behavioral health practices but can also be great for counselling sessions or nutrition classes.

healow Meet and healow TeleVisits can be accessed through the same on-demand activation window. As soon as healow Meet is activated, the user is guided to the settings panel within the five-step wizard, making for a quick and easy setup. Patients can join their virtual meetings through a text message, an email, or by logging into the patient portal or healow app, depending on the settings set by the provider.

If a provider needs help implementing healow Meet or any of the new healow TeleVisit features, they can create a customer support case through the customer portal. A team member will reach out and assist them with the process as well as provide ongoing support and training. Learn more about healow telehealth services by watching the full podcast episode posted below.