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How We Serve Healthcare Payers

Bridging gaps between providers and payers requires more efficient exchange of data. Experts agree that better solutions are needed to foster bidirectional exchange of data between those who deliver healthcare and those responsible for monitoring and paying claims.

Screenshot of the healow insights dashboard

At the most basic level, data exchange between providers and payers means having ready access to patient records and overcoming the barriers that exist when trying to exchange such records among multiple Electronic Health Record systems.

We created healow so that healthcare payers will have a single comprehensive platform to promote better exchange of data regardless of which EHR their customers are using.

Through PRISMA, our health information search engine, we provide access to clinical data from hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, and more.

We equip our payers with healow Insights, a cloud-based suite of services that include data retrieval, point-of-care alerts, and pharmacy integrations. healow Insights can help payers, providers, and members approach care proactively by bridging the gap in today’s healthcare delivery system. Our innovative solution supports stakeholders in their journey towards value-based care delivery.

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