Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually transform medical practices to meet the evolving needs of patients in today’s complex, digital world — strengthening Patient Engagement, improving health outcomes, and speeding up payments.

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How healow Is Helping The Patient Journey

healow®, which stands for health and online wellness, is a comprehensive health IT platform offering a full range of Patient Engagement and workflow optimization solutions for practices, patients, hospitals, health systems, and payers.

We want to transform healthcare from the moment a patient wants to set up an appointment to after they have seen their healthcare provider and want to take control of their own health.

It all starts with the power of search. PRISMA, our health information search engine, is at the core of healow, bringing patient records right to the user at a moment’s notice. With easy access to searchable patient data, providers will be able to make data-driven decisions.

When it’s time for a patient to set up an appointment, they can use healow Open Access® to self-schedule an in-person appointment with the click of a button. When they’re ready to check in, they can use healow CHECK-IN™, our convenient and contactless check-in solution, to streamline the previsit process.

Patients who live far away from their healthcare provider or don’t want to come in for a physical office visit can choose to attend a TeleVisit through healow TeleVisits™.

Copays and outstanding balances can be tended to with healow Pay™our online billing solution.

healow solutions can help propel quality care even after the visit is over. Through Messenger, healthcare staff can send out automated reminders and post-visit surveys. And through healow Insights®, payers will be able to bridge the gap in today’s healthcare delivery system, and Remote Patient Monitoring can help providers physiological data from devices to gain insights, interpret health trends, and capture time-based activities.