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How We Serve Hospitals and Health Systems

Hospital systems often partner with EHRs like Epic® or Cerner®. These systems may not give healthcare providers the comprehensive toolset they need to provide quality care and better connect with patients.

A product screenshot of the PRISMA timeline displays a sequence of medical records from July 2017 to July 2018. The earliest entry is dated July 24, 2017, marked as a "Service Date" for a "Discharge Summary" from "Mayo Clinic" with a diagnosis of "Arthroplasty Total Shoulder Replacement Status Post Right." The next entry is dated August 24, 2017, also marked as a "Service Date" for an "Unstructured Record" from "Premier Orthopedic Surgery Center." The following entry is a "Service Date" of July 1, 2018, for a "Discharge Summary" from "New Hanover Regional Medical Center" with a diagnosis of "Right upper quadrant abdominal pain." The final entry is a "Creation Date" of July 5, 2018, for a "Patient Summary (CCD)" from "New Hanover Regional Medical Center."

Health systems may often encompass dozens of healthcare practices over a large area. Having a single platform to coordinate care between a set of practices that are part of a health system is now easier than ever before.

We created healow so that healthcare providers working in a hospital or health system will have a single and complete EHR platform where they can meet their Population Health Management and Patient Engagement needs regardless of which EHR they are currently using.

We provide access to clinical data through PRISMA, our health information search engine, from disparate hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, and more.

We offer Patient Engagement tools like healow® Open Access® that will let patients self-schedule their own appointments and healow CHECK-IN that let patients check in from the comfort of home.

And we also offer Population Health Management solutions that can help you better achieve a value-based care model.

With healow, providers can get back to doing what they love – caring for their patients.

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