Patient Messenger

Great communication means great Patient Engagement

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Secure Surveys and Reminders Designed to Improve Patient Engagement

Messenger is a way to send out automated electronic reminders and surveys to patients through voice messages, secure text messages, or email.

By taking long and drawn-out manual processes out of the equation, your staff can save time and energy to perform other important tasks.

Discover healow Secure Text, the perfect tool for safeguarding sensitive healthcare communications. Access appointment reminders, lab results, and surveys with ease using a simple verification code. Enhance security and streamline the payment process for healthcare providers.

Listen to Tyler Gentry, Practice Manager at PrimeCARE Medical Clinic, discuss how his four-location practice in Little Rock, Arkansas achieved higher patient satisfaction and greater efficiency in workflows by adopting healow CHECK-IN™.

350 million

messages were sent through Messenger in 2021

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Great communication means great Patient Engagement.

Messenger Campaigns

Messenger lets healthcare professionals take advantage of a patient-centric suite of health and wellness campaigns that will promote outreach for important health reminders.

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Engage and obtain feedback from patients after an encounter.

Remind patients of an upcoming doctor’s visit and obtain confirmation status that flows directly into the Resource Schedule.

Give patients the ability to check lab results, diagnostic imaging tests, prescription notifications, and more.

Contact patients for everything from reminding them about a missed appointment to greeting them on their birthday.

Contact patients regarding reminders and overdue tests for specific high-risk conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

Contact patients based on your individual practice criteria.

Reach out to patients overdue for important preventive and wellness-related tests or immunizations, from breast cancer screenings to flu season reminders.

In-Depth Insight Into Your Patient Population

Messenger Analytics helps you gain insight into your patient population.

  • Monitor your campaign performance
  • Modify the campaigns based on the responses you receive
  • Configure campaigns to be more effective for your patients and more efficient for your practice
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