benefits of telehealth in behavioral health

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are still anxious about going to their healthcare provider’s office. Sadly, this makes it quite difficult for some patients to get the care they need, and it presents special challenges to mental and behavioral health service providers. Given that so much of our mental well-being is associated with clear communication, a sense of community, and personal displays of empathy, behavioral and mental health practices need a modern telehealth solution that allows them to give their remote patients the attention and compassion they deserve.

Modernizing Remote Medicine

That’s why we developed healow TeleVisits™. This comprehensive telehealth platform allows behavioral and mental health practices to better meet their patients’ needs by improving access for patients who live far away from the office and those who cannot find a provider in their area. It also allows patients who are worried about the stigma of visiting a clinic to receive at-home visits while also reducing anxiety among patients who may not be comfortable with traveling in general. The convenience of the platform helps lower no-show rates while improving treatment compliance by increasing patient engagement.

Delivering Stellar Service from a Distance

healow Telehealth Solutions lets providers deliver high-quality counseling services anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Easy to use and completely HIPAA-compliant, the platform improves care through features like:

  • Beginning visits through a link sent via text or email with no download or login required.
  • Allow staff members to start an appointment to discuss initial information with the patient before placing them on hold until the provider is ready.
  • Enabling providers, staff, or patients to invite another contact such as a translator, family member, or caregiver via text or email.
  • hello2healow™ (h2h) allows practitioners to reach out to consenting patients with on-demand audio/video calls.
  • Online appointment scheduling reduces office staff’s workload by making it much easier to keep schedules full by allowing patients to manage their own bookings.
  • Sending patients pre-visit questionnaires to gather important information before their appointments.
  • Collecting relevant data from wearable health devices.

Making Behavioral and Mental Healthcare a Little More Convenient

By streamlining the remote healthcare experience, healow Telehealth Solutions makes it easier, safer, and more pleasant for patients to get the help they need when they can’t make it to the office. While this is certainly wonderful for behavioral and mental healthcare providers, it is also an excellent solution for primary and specialty medical offices. If you’re interested in learning more about what healow telehealth solutions can do for your practice, contact us to schedule a demo.