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NC22 kicks off tomorrow in Orlando, Florida

Sometimes, improving Patient Engagement through remote technologies requires the kind of personal touch you can only find at a live event. After all, face-to-face meetings come with gestures, body language, and tone of voice that make it easy to tell whether a given software solution is headed for greatness or is falling short of customer expectations.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be unveiling the latest healow Patient Engagement solutions in person at the 15th annual eClinicalWorks and healow National Conference, which opens tomorrow and runs through Sunday at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida.

Thousands of healthcare professionals from across the nation are on hand to see the latest ways technology can be harnessed to better meet the needs of patients and providers.

New solutions for engagement and communications

And, for the record, we think the following innovations are going to be not merely popular but revolutionary for thousands of practices:

  • healow Sign will take the time and trouble out of obtaining patient signatures for consent forms with a secure, fully electronic method that will speed workflows and take another burden off the shoulders of your front-office staff. Practices will even have an analytics tool to track how many forms have been sent, received, and signed. (We promise you won’t even have to worry about illegible handwriting!)
  • healow Survey promises to transform those forms that patients often ignore into a user-friendly, fully secure, and engaging method of offering meaningful feedback. Practices will be able to customize forms by length, style, language, and answer type, target cohorts of patients, and complete the entire process electronically. (All in favor of easier survey forms? Yup, that was unanimous.)
  • healow Chatbot may not be an advanced life form, but it is plenty smart and will help your patients with many routine tasks, including basic questions, appointment booking, reminders, lab results, paying bills, and more. Practices will be able to configure a widget on their website to customize how healow Chatbot behaves. (Fear not, Chatbot won’t replace your staff — it will let them focus on the things humans do best.)
healow Price Transparency shown on laptop

Don’t forget about all that healow already offers

As excited as we are to show off our new healow solutions, the National Conference is also about focusing on existing solutions that our customers may have only partially implemented. Often, users of any software — from a laptop to a smartphone — are amazed to learn what “new” tricks their favorite device has always been capable of if only they had “read the manual.”

We’re not asking anyone to read any manuals this weekend. But we are asking attendees to pay close attention to the Keynote Address and Product Showcase, meet with our exhibitors and sponsors, attend breakout sessions, and take advantage of our free, one-on-one training.

Key breakouts for you — and bring your questions!

The many sessions for healow users this weekend include the following. Check out the full slate of offerings, including dates, times, and locations, on the eClinicalWorks Events App:

  • healow Enhancements You’ve Asked For — Come See What’s New
  • Promote healow Tools to Your Patients for Better Engagement
  • Remote Patient Monitoring — Transforming Care for Any Patient, Any Place, at the Right Time
  • Engage Your Patients With These 10 Tips and Tricks!
  • healow App V7.0 Is Here — Come and See What’s New

Whatever your schedule brings this weekend, remember to ask your questions. If it’s on your mind, chances are it’s also on someone else’s. We’re here for you, our customers. And we’re all here to learn together.

And for those who weren’t able to join us this time around, stay tuned! In the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing more details about NC22 and innovative ways to continue improving healthcare.

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