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In previous years, patients relied on the office staff to notify them when their test results were ready, but this system was inconvenient for many. For example, Theresa may have been waiting on test results from her last endocrinologist visit, but she might have missed or ignored the office’s calls when she didn’t recognize the number. This would make it difficult for the office to coordinate with her to deliver her test results.

Improve Office Efficiency with healow Secure Text

Before the COVID-19 crisis, The Little Clinic noted that manual methods for delivering test results often left patients with long wait times and a lack of timely communication. Over the course of the pandemic, the staff at the practice started feeling the strain. They began looking for a better patient-provider communication solution to deliver test results conveniently and securely while eliminating time-consuming phone calls. Thankfully, they found that healow Secure Text was up to the challenge.

Smart Technology Doctors and Patients Can Trust

healow Secure Text sends test results to patients’ mobile devices via text message as soon as they become available. This text message notifies them that their results are ready and allows them to view the documents on their smartphone. The patient’s privacy is protected through a verification process, keeping these documents secure. This allowed healow Secure Text to boost the confidence and satisfaction of the Little Clinic’s patients.

healow Secure Text Makes Clinical Communication a Breeze

The Little Clinic began to move away from the tedious process of calling every patient to verify their test results to having healow Secure Text send them the results almost instantly. This freed up front desk personnel so they could focus on providing excellent care to their patients.

The Little Clinic founded in 2003 in Louisville, Kentucky, offers high-quality and affordable healthcare in retail settings. It reports high patient satisfaction scores and has expanded to multiple locations, now operating over 225 clinics across multiple states.

“The Secure Lab Text is really a great option to boost the confidence in patients that they know that they will get their results back very quickly,” said Gina Haffner, DNP, FNP-C, corporate and wellness EMR manager at the Little Clinic. “We saw an increase in our patient satisfaction and our patient volume with the addition of Secure Lab Text.”

To learn more about The Little Clinic’s success with healow Secure Text, watch the video below.