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Dr. Adi Smolinsky was all set to open her new gynecological practice, Seashore MD, but she had concerns about filling her schedule. With her website still in development, she sought a convenient and efficient way to book appointments.

Dr. Smolinsky found that healow® offers an efficient and user-friendly online appointment scheduling solution. The healow® Open Access® link made it easy for patients to book their own appointments and communicate with the staff at the office. This made scheduling into a smooth and speedy process.

“We used the healow Open Access link to schedule appointments and start filling the schedule,” said Dr. Smolinsky. “It was quite impressive how many people used the link and were able to schedule their appointment.”

Easy and convenient online appointment booking

healow improves the healthcare experience for patients and staff by providing solutions that solves the problems providers face on a day-to-day basis. With healow Open Access, patients can book their visits through the provider’s website, allowing them to request the timeslot that works best for them.

healow Open Access allows patients to take control of their own health by giving them the freedom to request or book appointments at their convenience. This improves patient engagement and reduces no-shows by giving patients control over their appointment times. It also combats burnout among the staff by reducing the number of time-consuming and often tedious phone calls.

Open Access eliminates any need for the patient to call the front desk, wait on hold, or stress over whether a spot is available when scheduling a visit. Reducing the phone calls to the practice frees staff for other tasks such as customer service and patient care while also driving traffic to the website and improving online visibility.

healow Open Access helped like magic

Giving patients the power to book their own appointments drastically simplifies the process of filling the office’s schedule. healow Open Access made it easy for Seashore MD to attract new patients while making it a breeze to communicate with existing ones. A whopping 400 patients scheduled appointments the week before Dr. Smolinsky’s practice opened.

Because healow Open Access made it easy and convenient for patients to self-schedule appointments, the practice enjoyed a completely full schedule from January to June 2023 with more than 90% of those appointments being booked using the Open Access link. healow Open Access offered flexibility and office efficiency that greatly improved patient satisfaction.

“That’s where healow Open Access helped like magic,” said Dr. Smolinsky.