Trading in old methods can revolutionize your practice

If you’re a medical practice or system looking for deeper insight into your patients, you could continue to do what you have always done. That is, you could simply continue to have your staff spend hours retrieving and exchanging data with other health facilities and insurance payers.

The one advantage to using such methods is that they are familiar. But familiarity is not enough to justify inefficiency, particularly at a time when organizations must do all they can to keep up with the needs of their patients and achieve the goals of value-based medicine.

Simply put, manual record retrieval comes with serious disadvantages. It takes hours that your staff could put to more productive use. It is prone to errors. And it may leave providers without the information they need to provide care in a timely way.

Let’s get bidirectional!

Changing the way your practice retrieves and exchanges data has never been easier. That’s because healow Insights® facilitates the bidirectional exchange of data among providers and payers and does so in ways that even the best medical staff cannot match.

Our solution lets technology do what it does best, freeing your staff to do what they do best — care for patients.

  • healow Insights automates the process of retrieving data from patients’ charts. Your staff don’t need to visit other facilities or transcribe patient information. Our solution retrieves necessary records from all participating practices, hospitals, and payers — automatically, quickly, and without the risk of transcription errors.
  • healow Insights provides point-of-care alerts that let providers know where gaps in patient care exist. That can mean more accurate risk stratification, no need to visit third-party portals, and more efficient and effective clinical care.
  • healow Insights includes pharmacy integration services to improve medication compliance and lower costs. Our solution includes Medication Therapy Management notifications that push actionable data to clinical care teams and Real-Time Benefit Checks that give providers and patients accurate information on pharmacy coverage and out-of-pocket medication costs.

A solution for payers and providers alike

Whether your organization is an independent medical practice or a 100-million-member insurer, you face a similar challenge:

  • If you’re a medical practice, you need to access information from many other providers using any of dozens of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. And your patients may be with one of many insurers.
  • If you’re an insurer, you deal with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of practices and scores of EHRs.

The common need is accurate, efficient exchange of data, in effect translating data from one system to another in spite of the differences in software systems and procedures — exactly what healow Insights provides.

“If we improve the quality data with our provider partners, we benefit with less emergency visits, lower inpatient visits, and increased primary care visits,” said Kenny Greene of Carefirst Community Health Plan, which encompasses more than 7,000 medical providers across the state of Maryland. “With healthier members, costs are brought down, and our medical loss ratio is in control.”

And for Anthem Inc., 100-million-member, nationwide insurer, healow Insights has been a key solution for making data accessible and useful throughout the organization.

Anthem is an innovation leader dedicated to improving health and making healthcare simpler.

“One of the foundational capabilities that we are working on is enablement of bidirectional data exchange with our providers, which is why we have built health OS, a comprehensive, AI-enabled platform that takes the data out of the silos and puts it in the hands of consumers and providers, enabling greater insights, coordination, and collaboration at every level of care,” said Ashok Chennuru, Chief Data & Insights Officer for Anthem. “And the insights that get generated are now integrated into the eClinicalWorks provider workflow through the healow platform.”

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