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Better data helps practices improve the quality of care

Every medical provider wants the most complete information about their patients. Moreover, there are many ways to organize, analyze, and use the vast quantities of data that today’s healthcare systems generate.

However, the key to success in medicine is not the ability to generate, store, and analyze lots and lots of data. It’s locating the precise information critical to treating a given patient. Simply put, the difference between good medicine and great medicine isn’t megabytes but insights.

The healow Insights difference

healow Insights® is a cloud-based service designed to automate the bidirectional exchange of actionable data between health plans and providers — and deliver those critical insights.

By providing clinical staff with a 360-degree view of members’ data, and the payer with timely access to reliable supplemental data, healow Insights helps both health plans and providers with:

  • Retrieving data from patients’ charts.
  • Point-of-care alerts that identify where gaps in patient care exist.
  • Pharmacy integration services to improve medication compliance and lower costs.

Some practices might think that healow Insights is a highly specialized, complex service that is only useful for large organizations. In fact, it is effective for practices of any size. The experiences of two small eClinicalWorks clients — in North Carolina and Florida — show that the quality of information is what matters most.

healow Price Transparency shown on laptop

Two real-world applications

Dr. John M. Ray Jr. practices medicine at Pinnacle Family Care in Fayetteville, N.C. and uses healow Insights before every patient encounter.

“I pull up healow insights and see if they’ve been to the emergency room, see if they’ve been to the hospital,” he said.

Dr. Ray can quickly see what medications have been prescribed for a given patient, who prescribed them, and what other conditions or treatments may exist in that patient’s record.

Antonio Souchet, vice president and chief financial officer at AMA Medical Group in Florida, a six-provider practice, said his organization focuses on the healow Insights record retrieval service. That service saves staff from having to do the manual labor of sending faxes and making phone calls to obtain records from health plans.

AMA Medical Group is also implementing Real-Time Benefit Check (RTBC). The tool allows them to see how their patients’ medication costs vary depending upon the pharmacy, allowing them to direct patients to a location that can save them money.

Meeting common challenges

Organizations of all kinds, from small, independent medical practices to insurers with 100 million members, face common challenges around exchanging data among payers and providers — who may be using many different systems.

healow Insights facilitates that data exchange, allowing providers to focus on the practical, day-to-day needs of their patients.

“healow Insights has helped me to take better care of patients,” said Dr. Ray, noting that one key benefit of having additional data is immediately recognizing the potential for an adverse drug interaction. “This is something that actually, one, helps to improve your patient care — which is what we are here for — but, two, it helps the bottom line.”

View these practices’ success stories here. And to learn more, visit healowinsights.com or contact us to arrange a one-on-one meeting or demo.

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