Doctor showing patient information on a tablet

Small and independent medical practices are renowned for personalized care. The staff at these firms are known for calling patients by their first names and recalling details of their medical histories without referencing charts. While this personal touch is wonderful for establishing trust and loyalty, it has its own hurdles to surmount.

Often, smaller practices have fewer employees and more limited resources, which requires physicians to play multiple roles. In addition to patient care, they must tend to administrative tasks and business decisions. The burden of clerical tasks like booking appointments, billing, and record-keeping can become heavy, making some providers and staff more vulnerable to burnout. These practices sometimes have difficulty with marketing, making it harder for them to attract new patients. It’s also often harder for these smaller practices to stay abreast of the latest technological developments.

While these challenges can be quite daunting, a practice having the right tools on its side can make all the difference. By implementing healow® patient engagement solutions, these small and independent providers can more easily manage resources, streamline operations, and continue to deliver top-notch personalized care while scaling their growing businesses.

Superior Care Through Efficient Patient Management

healow improves office efficiency and patient satisfaction by allowing providers to manage appointments, maintain clear lines of communication with patients, and reduce no-shows. Using AI machine learning, the healow no-show prediction AI model can predict no-shows with up to 90% accuracy. This knowledge allows practices to take measures that improve scheduling, increase revenue, and improve patient health outcomes.

Orchid Wellness: A healow Success Story

Dr. Chelsea A. Debrah started her own medical practice, Orchid Wellness, and she was struggling to juggle multiple roles, from being the only provider to managing the front office. She decided to implement healow patient engagement solutions.

“With healow Open Access, we have drastically increased the overall number of appointments, with 90% of our patients self-scheduling appointments through a user-friendly and flexible system. Patients provide us with a number to receive statements via a text link and easily make payments. This has helped improve our patient communication and overall patient experience.” – Chelsea Debrah, family nurse practitioner at Orchid Wellness

With healow Open Access, the online appointment booking solution, patients can book directly from the practice website. It’s easy and convenient.

Solutions That Grow with the Practice

healow is designed to adapt to the needs of a growing practice by delivering scalable solutions. Whether your practice has just opened or is rapidly growing, the platform offers effective solutions to help you market your organization to patients and provide them with excellent care before, during, and after their appointments. A few of these features include:

  • healow CHECK-IN™
  • Kiosk
  • Patient Portal
  • eClinicalMessenger®
  • healow TeleVisits™
  • healow Apps

Improving Patient Experiences

Empowering patients to manage their own appointments and check in remotely makes offices more efficient. It frees up staff from having to spend time on the phones so they can spend more time providing excellent healthcare services. This, in turn, makes for fuller schedules, higher revenues, and better patient outcomes, meaning that everyone involved benefits.

Bringing the technological power of healow into your office can revolutionize the way you do business. To learn more about this exciting tool, contact our team today to schedule a demo.