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It’s 2022, and time to stop wrestling with old technologies

Innovations in how we humans communicate are among the most visible signs of how quickly and profoundly technology changes our lives. On May 23, the very last payphones in New York City were removed from Times Square and trucked away to a museum to become part of an exhibit on “pre-digital” life in the Big Apple.

Some of those who watched that bit of history had probably never used a payphone in their lives — but they could record the event on a smartphone with more computing power than was used to put the first astronauts on the Moon.

Is your practice stuck in the technology past?

The world of healthcare lends itself naturally to technological innovations. Yet, even in 2022, patients — most of whom use their smartphones every day to pay bills, check email, and order dinner — still find themselves filling out paper forms when they go to their doctor’s office!

No one enjoys filling out forms. And no one enjoys checking those forms and transcribing the information they contain into a computer system. All that can lead to delays, errors, and plummeting patient satisfaction.

It’s also completely unnecessary when healow CHECK-IN™ is available to provide a cost-effective, error-free way to connect patients to their appointments.

healow Price Transparency shown on laptop

Step by step to efficiency, speed, and accuracy

  • Before the appointment, healow CHECK-IN automatically sends a secure text reminder to the patient’s phone and the healow app. Patients confirm the appointment with a single click.
  • Patients can then review demographics and insurance, sign consent forms, complete questionnaires, and review their medical history.
  • healow allows the patient to click “I have arrived” on a smartphone, letting the practice know they are ready to be seen.

Remote visit? Same great solution

healow CHECK-IN is equally convenient and effective for remote office visits conducted through healow TeleVisits™. The same automated reminder is sent, and patients can complete the previsit process exactly as they would for an in-office visit.

On the day of the telehealth visit, healow simply confirms the patient’s phone or computer can handle a virtual visit and places the patient in a virtual waiting room, ready for the provider to start the visit at the appointed time.

Pair online check-in with online payments

Ready to transform your patients’ healthcare experiences? By using healow Payment Services, you can allow your patients to make copayments and settle outstanding balances — through a secure text link on a smartphone, via the healow app, Patient Portal, at healow.com, or using a widget on your practice’s website.

Whether you want to keep your waiting room clear, reduce no-shows, or simply give your patients the convenience they expect, make 2022 the year you clear out the last vestiges of the “pre-digital era” at your practice.

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