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Health and efficiency go together naturally. Healthcare providers are finding that today’s patient is tech-savvy and privacy-conscious. healow services keep clinics ahead of that by meeting patients where they are with online appointment booking, contactless check-in, and electronic payment services – all through automated text messages or the convenient Patient Portal.

Post-visit surveys are a great way to gauge patient needs and satisfaction, but they are hard to collect. “With these post-visit surveys, we are able to increase patient satisfaction at all of our clinical sites,” says Ashley McDonnell, Chief of Operations Officer at Central Ozarks Medical Center. “This allows us to identify potential barriers that our patients might be facing and just ensure high quality.” Patients receive a text message with a hyperlink to the survey, making the survey easier for patients to complete and for providers to collect.

healow’s Patient Portal and text message reminders helped Central Ozarks Medical Center boost post-visit survey responses 28-fold. “Statistically, when we were utilizing the paper for post-visit surveys, we were receiving about one hundred in an annual year,” McDonnell continues. “Now utilizing eCW and our portals… we are receiving over 700 post-visit surveys within 90 days.”

The difficulties of interacting with a patient are not limited to getting their opinion afterward. The trouble starts with getting them in the office in the first place. People don’t like discussing their health needs with strangers even if the stranger is just a clinic receptionist on the other end of the phone line. Reducing the number of personnel a patient has to go through to get healthcare reduces that patient’s stress.  Contactless check-in allows patients to cut out the middleman and handle their clinical schedules directly from the comfort of home.

“They like the flexibility of being able to choose their own spot,” states Marie-Paule Dupiton, MD, FAAP, Medical Director & Founder at Camkids Pediatrics PC. “Being able to schedule an appointment on the computer, the patient is saving time by not having to call the practice, not staying on hold, and for the staff we are able to utilize their service more efficiently because they spend less time also on the phone scheduling an appointment.” Having patients handle their own scheduling puts appointment times on the patients’ terms, keeping waiting rooms clear and front offices more efficient for patient encounters anytime.

healow Price Transparency shown on laptop

For those patients who prefer medicine to be remote, telehealth appointments are effective alternatives for primary and specialty medical care and are a great option for routine, follow-up, and check-in visits or anytime patients cannot have a physical office visit. healow Televisits expands access to care by making it simple for practices to conduct remote visits with their patients. Chief medical officer, Imran S. Khawaja at MD TruCare PA, states, “Some of my colleagues who are two hours away, they are able to refer me patients who I can see on telemedicine rather than having them drive all the way so our coverage area increased a lot.” HIPAA-compliant and easy to use, our telehealth platform works regardless of which EHR you use.

Late medical payments aren’t just headaches; they are bad for business. healow Pay makes it easy for your patients to pay their bills online. Chief financial officer and director of healthcare experience David Uptagrafft states, “One of the things that we’ve seen in conjunction with the employment of healow Pay is our accounts receivable has fallen from forty-one days to under twenty and that has been a significant improvement for our cash flow.” That’s healow Pay: easy and effective for you, your patients, and your collections department.

From remote medicine to patient relationship management, healow is the platform patients and providers trust for efficient medical service. We make it easy to schedule, check-in, set up telehealth appointments, make electronic payments, and more! Our services leave less clerical work, more time for clinical work, and greater patient satisfaction. Learn more about how healow can help keep your office efficient and your patients happy!

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