healow no-show prediction AI model graphic

A doctor’s appointment only works if the patient shows up for it, and no-shows have always been a drain on providers’ resources. A missed appointment means lost time and a patient not receiving care. The financial and functional tolls of even occasional no-shows add up over time. To address these concerns, healow® introduced the healow no-show prediction AI model to help providers achieve more efficient offices and improve access to care.

Predicting No-Shows with AI

Using machine learning, the healow no-show prediction AI model can identify appointments that are likely to be missed with up to 90% accuracy. It allows providers to prevent no-shows, improve office efficiency, reduce wait times, and help patients stay on top of their treatment plans.

Delivering Results

Total Health Care, Inc. provides primary care services, including dentistry, podiatry, and pharmaceuticals, to nearly 30,000 patients throughout the Metropolitan Baltimore area. When the pandemic hit, the organization prioritized optimizing systems and digitization so patients could receive high-quality remote health services. Implementing the healow® no-show prediction AI model improved the patient experience, reduced missed appointments, and drove up revenue. Total Health Care reported that since implementing the system:

  • No-show rates of appointments with a high likelihood of no-show fell by a remarkable 34%.
  • The practice provided an additional 309 appointments over 45 days due to reduced no-shows.

Enhancing Overall Access to Care

Centerpoint Health provides affordable, accessible, and high-quality primary, dental, obstetrics, and gynecology services and behavioral healthcare to the communities of Butler, Warren, and Hamilton counties in Ohio. Upon implementing the healow® no-show prediction AI model, the FQHC reported:

  • Show rates for appointments with a high no-show risk increased by about 24%.
  • The practice was able to track missed appointments and their causes through the eClinicalWorks EHR.
  • Data analysis allowed the firm to improve workflow practices and scheduling strategies.

“The healow no-show prediction AI model helps us streamline the identification and outreach process to patients, enhancing overall access to care,” said Catherine Engle, CEO of Centerpoint Health. “The model has positively impacted our practice and is easy to work with. It allows us to use data to drive our workflow processes around scheduling strategies. The no-show prediction percentage embedded in the eClinicalWorks schedule is an amazing feature that helps track reasons for not attending the appointment. Additionally, the team is open to our feedback and willing to answer our questions, making this a valuable partnership. I recommend this product to other practices looking to reduce no-shows and improve workflow processes.”

Reducing No-Shows with Efficient Communication

This predictive AI model allows providers to keep their schedules on track with features such as:

  • eClinicalMessenger enables practices to reach out to patients with voice messages, secure text messages, and email reminders.
  • healow Open Access® allows practices to publish open, canceled, and last-minute rescheduled appointment slots on their websites to prevent revenue loss, acquire new patients, and reduce wait times.
  • healow® CHECK-IN™ and healow® Payment Services reduce no-shows by keeping everything leading up to the appointment convenient and efficient. These contactless solutions give patients the power to check in to their appointments and pay copays from the comfort of their own homes.

The healow® no-show prediction AI model allows practices to mitigate the risk of missed appointments to improve office efficiency and customer experiences. By leveraging emerging technology with healow, providers can increase revenues while helping more patients get the healthcare they deserve.