healow Price Transparency shown on laptop

The idea behind successful payment apps is making the process easier and more convenient for people to pay promptly for the goods and services they want. Money can now be sent by a tap or a text message, with a click of a touchscreen and hardly a thought. Given that the average patient operates like the average consumer, the medical payment collections process needs its own specialized payment app.

Enter healow Pay, the premier electronic payment app for your patients. healow Pay makes it easy to complete a payment online, thereby reducing paperwork, late payments, time on the phones, and the many complications that come along with them.

Keeping payments easy to carry out means fewer late payments by patients who might otherwise procrastinate and then forget to make them. Fewer late payments mean providers spend less time seeking collections. And by preventing errors — rather than going through the time and trouble of correcting them — practices free up time and resources better spent on the important work of making patients well again.

Cyberspace may be rife with bandits looking for personal data, but healow Pay has patients covered on data security. The patient’s data is transferred securely by proven methods, keeping patients’ medical and financial data safe from prying eyes. Patients making a payment can rest assured knowing that their data is protected and their payment uncompromised. If healow Pay were a ship carrying a patient’s valuables, it would be an ironclad.

healow Price Transparency shown on laptop

Security is next to simplicity in the world of payments, and healow Pay is accessible and easy to use for patients of all walks of life. The platform allows patients to pay medical fees quickly and conveniently via:

  • Secure text message
  • Email
  • A “Bill Pay” button on the provider’s website

The functional convenience does not end at the consumer. healow Pay streamlines the payments process at both ends: While making payment easy for the patient, healow Pay also gives providers frictionless means of reconciling payments and issuing refunds while protecting medical payment data. Philadelphia’s Ninth Street Internal Medicine reports mammoth results just one month after adoption. Their practice saw collections rise from $17,000 in November to $25,000 in December in 2021.

Ninth Street Internal Medicine has enjoyed several years of success with healow Pay. In 2021, Chauntee Joyner of Ninth Street Internal Medicine said, “I can’t be happier with it. It has really improved our collections and decreased my phone calls of patients calling in to make payments.”

Ninth Street Internal Medicine reports fielding far fewer phone calls and patients have said they love having the convenience of paying their bills online and making copayments ahead of time. “Our patients are excited. They like that they can pay their copay in advance online. They don’t have to talk to a human. healow Pay has been easy,” says Joyner.

In the medical field, reliable electronic payment services eliminate many providers’ collections headaches so providers can stick to treating their patients’ headaches. Nothing keeps it that simple like healow Pay with its proven record of success. Click on the video below to find out more about the benefits of cost elimination in medical payments through healow Pay.

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