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Motivation as a key to learning and progress

Motivation is one of the biggest challenges in education and training — across all endeavors and at all levels. However difficult a task may seem at first, remarkable things can be achieved with sufficient time and the right tools, provided learners are motivated.

The 2022 eClinicalWorks and healow National Conference featured lots of innovation and excitement. Still, perhaps one of the most valuable and potentially lasting lessons was delivered during a live Podcast held on Saturday morning.

During that session, eClinicalWorks Podcast host Brian Saal spoke with Ernst Beausejour, a former eCW employee who is now with Prima CARE, a medical practice with more than a dozen locations in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Focusing on healow Insights PRISMA

Beausejour explained how, with a bit of training, his organization has put healow Insights PRISMA to work to gather patient information from healthcare facilities throughout the area.

As many practices have discovered, PRISMA delivered unmatched value by gathering patient records from other medical organizations, whether they use Epic, Cerner, Meditech, or another EHR, and creating searchable timeline views of patients’ health histories.

In short, PRISMA is helping solve the problem of breaking down “data silos” so that practitioners can get access to the critical information they need to guide the most appropriate and effective clinical decision-making.

healow Price Transparency shown on laptop

The lesson: Easy or hard, you do what’s necessary

While practices love to hear that technology is simple to learn and use, Beausejour didn’t say that about PRISMA. It’s not that the learning curve is particularly steep. Instead, he said, when something is an absolute necessity for your practice, ease of use isn’t the right question to ask.

“It’s a necessity, OK?” Beausejour said. “Easy or not easy doesn’t matter because there’s no way for you to be able to see a patient’s data with information coming from all over the place!”

The challenge Beausejour identified — managing patient data in an age when that data can be found in dozens of places — is the one that interoperability solutions are engineered to address. And it lies at the heart of modern medicine.

PRISMA, interoperability, and an innovative future

Here, then, are three lessons to bear in mind in the wake of the 2022 National Conference:

  • Implementing healow Insights PRISMA constitutes an essential step toward the full interoperability needed to meet the goals of value-based care. That alone should provide sufficient motivation to help providers and staff conquer the learning curve.
  • Besides PRISMA, practices have a wealth of existing healow Patient Engagement solutions they can use, including healow CHECK-IN™, healow apps, and healow Open Access® — all of which promote faster workflows and higher patient satisfaction.
  • healow continues to lead the way to a future of innovation. The Conference also introduced healow Sign for gathering signatures and consents, healow Survey for collecting patient feedback, and healow Chatbot for helping patients with routine tasks such as appointment booking and accessing medical records.