A revolutionary approach to healthcare IT

For better than a generation, makers of healthcare IT have sought to improve upon the Electronic Health Record by adding features and functions to answer the ever-growing demands of medicine.

Keeping up with the exponential growth of patient data in healthcare, however, demands a new approach. It requires that healthcare IT move from offering a collection of solutions to a platform that can engage with information from sources both within a given health system and far beyond it.

healow is for clinicians, hospitals, and payers

That new thinking has informed every step in the development of healow, our EHR-agnostic healthcare IT platform that can be adapted to meet the needs of practices, hospitals, and payers.

  • Provider data: PRISMA leverages the Carequality® and CommonWell® Health Alliance interoperability networks to create a searchable, timeline view of each patient’s medical history at the point of care, helping guide better medical decision-making.
  • Payer data: Our cloud-based healow Insights® service automates the bidirectional exchange of actionable data between health plans and providers. Clinical and hospital staff can gain a 360-degree view of their members’ claims data, while insurance payers enjoy timely access to supplemental data.
  • Patient data: With the Remote Patient Monitoring module, clinicians can gather data from patients’ activity monitors and health tracking devices. The information becomes part of the patient’s record, giving near real-time information that can help providers review and manage patients’ health.

Going beyond the EHR

The key to obtaining and sharing all this data lies with PRISMA, the industry’s first health information search engine.

PRISMA Graphic with search bar that reads Truly knowing your patients is just a search away

When a provider, for example, is ready to inquire into a given patient’s case, they begin with a search inquiry through PRISMA, which draws records from clinics, specialists, hospitals, and health systems — any source that is connected to either the Carequality or CommonWell Health Alliance nationwide interoperability networks.

Screenshot of the timeline view of PRISMA product

Next, PRISMA creates a searchable, timeline view of the patient’s complete health history — on demand and at the point of care.

Thus, even before the patient visit starts, a provider knows what information in that patient’s record is most likely to be relevant to the care episode. That can mean more efficient workflows, a sharper focus on the patient’s needs, more informed decision-making, and better medical outcomes.

Thousands of practices now use PRISMA every day, exchanging 100 million patient records each month.

PRISMA is only the beginning

As powerful as PRISMA is, it’s only the beginning of what healow has to offer. Each of the following tools contributes to one or more aspects of a fully unified healthcare IT ecosystem.

Here’s more of what you can do and learn about when you visit us at booth #1243 at HIMSS22:

  • Sign up for our healow Price Transparency solution and get one year free. Price transparency will help your organization generate the good-faith cost estimates for medical procedures that your patients want and deserve — while meeting new government mandates.
  • Learn how healow® Open Access® lets patients see their providers’ schedules and book an appointment for the date and time that best meets their needs.
  • Speed the previsit process with healow CHECK-IN™. Patients can check in for appointments, complete questionnaires, update insurance and demographics, and make copayments — for an in-office or virtual visit — with just a few keystrokes on their smartphone.
  • See how healow TeleVisits™, our appointment-based, HIPAA-compliant solution for remote visits, allows providers to deliver an in-office experience to patients with online ease.
  • Give patients a convenient way to handle copayments or balances with healow Pay™. Electronic payments can reduce the costs of billing, printing, postage, and help improve your organization’s cash flow while lowering days in A/R.
  • Understand how Messenger can connect providers and patients for better care with:
    • healow Surveys to send questionnaires to gauge patient satisfaction and develop customized campaigns tailored to their needs.
    • healow Chat to allow providers to communicate with their patients through secure, text-only messages in real time.
    • healow Sign for collection of patient signatures for consent and permission forms.

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