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Psst! Did you hear there are 2.3 million people NOT in line?

Don’t you just hate it when you call up city hall or the motor vehicle office, get put on hold, and feel like there must be a million people ahead of you waiting to speak with someone? Well, we can’t fix government bureaucracy, but for folks calling their doctor’s office last year, there were at least 2.3 million people not ahead of them.

We know that because those 2.3 million patients used healow® Open Access® to schedule their appointments online.

If your patients aren’t among those 2.3 million, they could be. In less time than it takes for your staff to see just one patient, our experts can show you how to extend the convenience and flexibility of self-scheduling to every one of your patients with a computer or smartphone.

You control your schedule; patients enjoy convenience

With healow Open Access, there’s no need for patients to check whether the doctor’s office is open, pick up the phone, wait on hold, or stress over whether there will be a place for them.

Your providers can each decide how much of their schedule (if any) they wish to publish on your website. Patients can then self-schedule directly on the schedule. You can let them book the slot or only request a slot and then have your staff review and confirm those bookings.

In short, your practice retains control while your patients gain convenience and peace of mind that translate into higher satisfaction for them and fewer no-shows for you.

healow Price Transparency shown on laptop

Child’s play? Well, it works for pediatrics…

Can an online booking solution be that easy and really make that much of a difference? According to a March 2021 study in JMIR Medical Informatics, it can.

The study followed 1,099 families with the Mayo Clinic who used self-scheduling to book well-child visits for children ages 2-12.

After 13 months of study, the researchers found that:

  • 1% of participants used self-scheduling exclusively
  • Nearly a third (29.5%) of self-scheduled appointments were booked outside regular business hours
  • 1% of those who used self-scheduling exclusively were able to finalize their appointments in a single step

For this study, the rate of no-shows among self-scheduled appointments was just 3.07%, which was lower than the usual 4.12% seen when staff scheduled appointments by phone, although the difference is not considered statistically significant.

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