Woman holding a smartphone and using a calculator to manage digital medical billing. On the left side there is a blue rectangle with the healow logo in white

The main goal of healthcare providers is always to deliver exceptional care and to keep their communities healthy. But they can only do this and sustain their businesses if payments keep coming in.

In previous years, patients would travel to the office to settle accounts or go through the tedious process of mailing a check, and these inconveniences could take their toll on a practice’s bottom line. Today, many providers are looking for ways to make it easier for patients to pay copays, statement balances, and account balances.

Increasing collections and improving patient satisfaction

eCW Podcast host, Adam Siladi, sat down with Eileen Testa from Ninth Street Internal Medicine at the 2023 eClinicalWorks and healow National Conference to talk about the advantages of using healow Pay for medical billing. Ninth Street Internal Medicine only recently implemented healow Pay and is already seeing fantastic results.

“We looked at the statistics already, and in the first four months of 2023, our average credit card monthly payment was about 19,000 dollars a month. The last four payments were close to 40,000 dollars a month. That’s a one hundred percent increase in credit card payments alone just because we turned on healow Pay.” -Eileen Testa, Administrator, Ninth Street Internal Medicine

healow Pay allows practices to collect payments quickly and efficiently. It sends patients with outstanding balances a text message that notifies them about their balance and includes a link to a secure payment portal. This makes it much easier for patients to pay their bills on time and frees up the staff for tasks other than processing payments. Receipts are conveniently emailed to the patient.

Faster and more efficient medical billing

Implementing healow Pay was a breeze for Ninth Street Internal Medicine. They only had to activate a button on the website for their patients to be able to pay their bills at their convenience at any time of day. Training staff and teaching patients to use the app takes only minutes, making it an easy way to improve office efficiency.

The practice is so pleased with the results of healow Pay that they are looking forward to implementing healow Statements soon. Ninth Street Internal Medicine is excited to provide better health care services with healow helping to streamline the process.