doctor holding the hand of a patient with a blue object in the upper right corner with the healow logo in white

A patient in a wheelchair went on vacation to Disneyland, but she found that she needed medical approval for her accommodations when she got there. Not long ago, this would have been a massive inconvenience or could have even completely ruined her vacation. However, healow allowed her to easily message her doctor and quickly receive approval. In no time at all, she was enjoying everything the park had to offer.

America’s Family Doctors is a medical practice with multiple locations in Tennessee offering a range of services such as preventative care, acute care, and chronic disease management. The practice provides high-quality care while keeping costs low through value-based care programs. However, the practice struggled to engage and communicate effectively with patients. The practice needed a solution that helped it maintain a full schedule and reduce cancellations and no-shows while enhancing the way patients and providers exchange information.

healow Makes Communicating with Patients Easy

The solution they found was healow, an EHR-agnostic healthcare IT platform that streamlines the way patients communicate with their care teams and allows them to schedule their appointments through an easy-to-use mobile app. healow helps practices keep their schedules full, reduce no-shows, and improve patient care by making it easy for patients to book their own time slots and sending notifications regarding upcoming appointments. It also allows physicians to communicate with patients in real time.

healow Improves Office Efficiency

healow simplifies the communication process between patients and providers by empowering them to communicate directly through the app. When patients arrive at the office, they can use the app to scan QR codes on the doors or behind the computer monitors around the office, allowing them to get straight to work on their intake paperwork.

healow Puts Patients in Control of Their Own Scheduling

America’s Family Doctors found that healow increases engagement and communication with patients while improving scheduling and reducing cancellations. Self-scheduling helps patients have a sense of control over their healthcare while reducing paperwork and freeing up the phone lines at the front desk. Being able to approve medical requests in real-time is a big plus for everyone involved, and the staff has found that the platform was embraced by patients of all ages, including those in their 90s.

“healow is like the diamond in the rough, engaging not only with our staff but also with multiple groups, making it one of the best-kept secrets for keeping healthcare practices engaged and more secure in the long run,” said S. Steve Samudrala, MD, a provider at America’s Family Doctors.

Watch the full video below to learn more about how healow is helping practices like America’s Family Doctors increase patient engagement and streamline communication.